The Very Best in World and Healing Meditation Music

Music, the vibrational force that attunes and harmonizes with your inner and outer universe.

Here are some of the videos I had produced during the course of my career. Most of The sountracks are taken from my Enlightened Love album and Mizuno Oto is from my recent released album, Water Spirits.

Blissful Zen

Mizuno Oto 's video was filmed during my time performing on a cruise ship. The sea has such tremendous power to keep you spell bound. So I produced this track together with the video footages I have collected on board the ship and entitled it Mizuno Oto. This music track was sung by Ryo Utasato, A japanese female artiste I met from Revebnation. She already had many top selling music under electronic ambient and cinematic sound track genres. The flute was blown and recorded by Rajendra Teredesai, my good friend, a renowned flautist from India. We have collaborated on many top selling new age and healing albums which are already been selling on Real Music and on all major music stores worlwide.

Mizuno Oto is about water in Japanese. And this track suited very well on this video because it is about the story of the sea. This track is taken from the Water Spirits album, available on this website as well as all the music stores like itunes, Amazon, Spotify, Napster and many others. 

Cosmic Zen , a track about world calamities. The signs of the end of the world is coming soon. The suffering of humans and their natural in born instinct to stay alive during this troubled times of chaos, natural disasters and pains which are all due to human doings themselves disregarding the fundamental laws of mother nature.

Journey Within is about looking our life deep within ourselves. The true beauty and peace, the divine manifestation of one self is all from inside of us not from without....

Ancient Wisdom, a truly remarkable piece in form of native American culture. The wisdom of the ancient world has taught us invaluable insights about life and how to go beyond our mundane senses of hate, anger, illusions and depressions. sit silently , close your eyes and let the serenity of this track transporting you to the world of tranquility and silence. 

Samsara album composed by me and Rajendra Teredesai has just been released by Real Music. Samsara in hindu scripture meaning the cycle of life and death. As long as we are ignorant and unconscious being, we are always coming back to this world to learn and to enlighten ourselves to break away from this cycle.

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